Saturday, May 1, 2010

CubaSurf & Victor Tort: Cuba in Fitness4Surfers @ the Caribbean

Hello everyone

Mr. Victor Tort (Puerto Rico) and the organization CubaSurf, give a sports clinic dedicated to surfing, in Havana, Cuba. In order to deepen the physical work of surfers in Cuba. The event is to give 4 sections of classes in a weekend period. The are made of this:

Saturday morning: Theory (surf and yoga, physical exercises surfing, body training, conference on the biomechanics of the Surf)
Saturday Afternoon: free surf session where a surf coach, correct movements of the surfers

Sunday morning: Classes with more advanced surfers in Cuba, to go deeper in their knowledge, prepare for physical training before a competition.
Sunday Evening: Lecture on the importance of physical training in athletes, surfers, surfing and living, healthy eating for surfing.

Taking into account that it is the first event CubaSurf conduct, we need support of any kind, whether sponsorship, material support, ideas, financial assistance to ensure the realization of the event in Cuba.
All aid received by us or international sponsorship, will be duly announced on the web CUBASURF (aka facebook) section of Sponsors and if they have a website, with advertisements will also link to your website.
Steps to make your help:
Contact :
Luis Manuel Mazorra Main Event Coordinator and CUBASURF organization.
For sending money to support and logistics of the event go here

Request information about the event (days, places)
Request information on how they can send their help, depending on the type of support (monetary, material, ideas)

Thanks for your time
We expect your help
CubaSurf Team

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