Monday, May 10, 2010

The Most importat Surfing Photo Gallery in Cuba

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Surf Video by Standby Collective feat Humberto Rodriguez

Surf Video  by Standby Collective feat Humberto Rodriguez

Red Bull WindSurf & KiteSurf Competition

Hoy sábado 28-11 se realizo en el Club Havana el evento patrocinado por la Red Bull, en el cual compitieron surfistas de toda la cuidad de la habana, donde se compitió con las diferentes modalidades en este caso, kite y windsurf, aproximadamente desde las 9:00am los riders se lucieron antes de entrar en acción con sus styles que mostraremos las imágenes en nuestra galería de foto. En el evento se lució Lussón, en la modalidad de kite obteniendo el primer lugar sin dejar de mencionar a Camilo y en la modalidad de windsurf participaron Tony del Equipo Nacional de Cuba, Camilo, EL Fide entre otros. Próximamente el equipo de Cubasurf patrocinara un evento de free style, y estarán presentes las modalidades de kite, windsurf, surf board, skimboard, y bodyboard.

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Skateboard in Cuba

This weekend as there was no swell since we brought news of another extreme sport that is practiced in Cuba, skateboard, we toured the City of Havana until we reached the skatepark in Vedado, where we find new talent of all ages. The Cubasurf surfers shared with them in the morning competition. Yohany (Mamekto) one of our surfers won 2nd place in the category street. On the part of the skater stood Manolito, Fernando and Campbell. Our team recorded videos that will show further and photos of the event.

CubaSurf El Cayo Session ft Icah Wilmot, Ametza Nichols, Junior Gomez and Edwin Ten

On 8 February the Cubasurf team, participated alongside Ametza Nicholls (Barbados), Icah Wilmot (Jamaica), Junior Gomez and Edwin Ten, both (Dominican Republic), in an exclusive photo session, accompanied by Luis Manuel Mazorra surfer (Cuba) and share an unforgettable evening, although the waves were small, these surfers Caribbean maneuvers impressed cameras and prove who are the leaders in the region.

CubaSurf & Surfing Oeste

On the morning of 20 February, Cubasurf visited the team SURFING-Oeste, made by children less than 16 years old, from Santa Fe, a neighborhood located in the municipality of Playa in Havana City.