Saturday, May 1, 2010

Skateboard in Cuba

This weekend as there was no swell since we brought news of another extreme sport that is practiced in Cuba, skateboard, we toured the City of Havana until we reached the skatepark in Vedado, where we find new talent of all ages. The Cubasurf surfers shared with them in the morning competition. Yohany (Mamekto) one of our surfers won 2nd place in the category street. On the part of the skater stood Manolito, Fernando and Campbell. Our team recorded videos that will show further and photos of the event.


  1. muy buen blog felicidades,estaria bien que un dia publicara los spots donde se puede patinar en la habana se le agradeceria esa informacion por si algun dia podemos conocer la isla


  2. I see the sea is not stand it ... great. I wish I could be like you!
    teefury , redbubble , threadless.